Monday, September 21, 2009

Cooped up

It was a miserable weekend. Not only was it ruined by catching a cold, my football team lost and I was knocked out of both survivor pools I was in when the Titans went down. All I have now it a slight cough and a need for about 2 hours of sleep.

So what did I do on a Saturday when I was cooped up in my house trying not to infect anyone? I watched some interesting TV. Like the Showtime series Californication with David Duchovney. The show is interesting but I can't seem to really track what it is about. I thought there would be one main story line throughout the season but damn it all if I don't know what it is. So far the show is about the main character, a writer, that leads a degenerate lifestyle of booze and banging chicks. The dialog is funny as are the characters. I guess that is why I kept watching it.

Or maybe it was to get that Hoarders show out of my head. I learned something from Hoarders this weekend. You can be considered a cat hoarder. One lady had 76 cats taken out of her house and garage. Oh, only 41 of them were alive. The destruction these cats had done to the furniture and garage was something. They had ripped apart mattresses so they could crawl in. They shredded furniture. They totalled the garage into one heaping mess of paper and boxes. It was so bad that when they tried to clear it out they kept finding more dead cats. The perplexing thing was they just about charged this lady with animal cruelty. In her effort to help take care of these cats they wanted to jail her for doing when they died.

One thing I would like to ask of the people that make the Hoarders show. Please do not tell me that someone who doesn't take out the garbage is a hoarder. I am not buying it. If you do not take out the garbage and let it pile up in every room, you are not a hoarder, you are one lazy ass person. Seriously, how can one not make a short trip to a garbage can outside?

I did marvel at how one guy hid wine bottles all over the apartment. Under the sinks, inside the dresser drawers, etc. It was marvelous. Well done drunk man!

Finally, here is one for Ripley's Believe it or Not. I watched roughly 8 hours of football yesterday and didn't drink a single beer. Believe it or Not.


Anonymous said...

You get sick too often. Get the flu shot.

Hey Jo said...

I'm not sure I'm fascinated or disturbed by Hoarders. It is scary how some people think. Like the kid who thought he was killing his dog if he threw away the fur on the ground. His dad with all the bottle was no better. It makes you wonder what these people are thinking now when they seem themselves on tv. Does it seems normal to them?