Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Got any smokes?

I am curious as to why some pages load funny on the work laptop while others don't. For example, the blogger template came up funny. The little buttons to help bold, italicize, add links, or quotes are not showing up. I sometimes get the same thing when I go to the Dallas Morning News to get the latest on the Cowboys. The quicklinks that should show on the top of the page are plastered alongside the left thus pushing the story way towards the bottom. It is quite annoying.

Thus my rant about the people that keep insisting on raising taxes on cigarettes to fund various government projects will not be as easy because I cannot provide the link to a Madison website story. It about a criminal who is breaking into stores and stealing cartons of cigarettes. The story states that theft of cigarettes isn't just a local issue but a national problem now.

Let's see...the fed raised the tax on cigarettes to supposedly pay for health care coverage for children but that bill included covering adults as well. The State of Wisconsin jacked up taxes on smoke this month as well for health plans. The result is that more cigarettes are being stolen and thus no taxes collected on them. Well done Democrats! Way to increase crime!

Raising taxes does not directly translate to increased revenue. Raising taxes on cigs does not mean people are going to quit. As we can see, it may cause people to go to greater extremes to get their nicotine fix. They have been pushed over the breaking point and have decided screw the government. I rather steal them and make some money via the black market.

Oh great. I just used the term black market. I guess I am a racist now as well.

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