Friday, October 09, 2009

Eye day

I took a day off from work. I have around 4 weeks (yeah, that many!) I haven't used this year and with a eye appointment today figured I might as well take the entire day off instead of half. Worst part is as the year comes to a close, the rumor is they are taken a hard line this year and only 5 vacation days may be carried over to next year and only with senior management approval. Last year I carried like 14 days because I wasn't allowed to use them at the end of the year. Unless I can smooth talk my new supervisor into letting me take more days off over the next month and a half, I will be losing out. Hell, I am not supposed to be working today but have already spent half an hour researching and drafting a memo.

So I have an appointment with the ophthalmologist. Yeah, I just wanted to type out ophthalmologist. I was supposed to see the eye doc last Monday but missed the appointment because I mixed up the time of the appointment. I have a dental appointment at 5 next week and for whatever reason thought my eye appointment was the same time instead of 3:30. I tried to apologize to the lady when I rescheduled but she wasn't hearing it. Curious to know if I will get the cold shoulder when I walk into the office.

Eye exams are always fun. I wear contacts so I always like it when they have me pop them out and walk around half blind around their office from one exam room to the other. Plus for a medical exam that is about protecting the eyes, they like to put a lot of stuff into your eye. Whether it is a puff of air or those yellow drops that dilate your pupils, they seem to want to poke around in there.

Plus it all seems like a crapshoot at times. Staring at a red house and letting the doctor know when the red house comes into focus. Picking the number out in the test for color blindness. Trying to figure out which is clearer, A or B when they both seem the same. Hell I think the doc knows they are both the same and is just messing with my head.

As I look outside and see the gloomy gray sky, I think I may be lucky. It lets me push mowing the lawn off one more day and it means I won't be blinded when I leave the eye doctor's office with those dilated pupils. Of course the best treatment for those pupils is a dark bar which I plan to visit. Just need to remember to look away from the neon signs.

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