Thursday, October 08, 2009

Man I hate this blithering idiot

I have tried to calm down my political rhetoric as of late. I don't like being negative. No one likes to be around a person who is always bitching about something. But there are still things I believe in and I won't back down from speaking my piece. I just think there are times to go and needle people about how they were fooled into voting for someone for POTUS and other times it is meaningless.

Then there are the talking heads. I admit I watch some of them. Not on a continual basis but I will turn on Bill O'Reilly. Maybe Sean Hannity though he tends to annoy me. I enjoy Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and try to remember to record it. Can't stand Glenn Beck as he is a dope. Some times he has good points but is mostly a simple dope.

If there is one person I can't stand it has to be Keith Olbermann. He is constantly a negative, blithering idiot. Worse part, when he is proven wrong, he will not admit it or correct himself. I will not the Sunday night football pregame show because of him.

Thus I got a tad incensed when reading this piece at Hot Air. Blame the evil insurance companies. Seems typical of morons like Olbermann. Pick on the corporation and make it sound like they are profiting off the misery of those who get ill.

Actually, are they not profiting off those who stay well? You buy insurance and if you do not use it, you get no benefit. It is bought in case it is needed, not when you need it.

Plus, don't insurance companies help to lower the cost of health insurance? United Healthcare provides a nice package for me at work at a fraction of what it would cost me if I had to pay out of pocket for everything. Basically I am paying for those who use their insurance when I do not. I also help keep the cost down for the others.

But when really gets me about Olby here is his hypocrisy. Dollars to donuts he is covered by the NBC health plan. Willing to bet his plan is pretty damn nice too. He may even have more insurance just in case. So Keith, if the insurance company is so evil, why do YOU pay them? Shouldn't you take a stand and drop out of the program to prove your point? If not, you are part of the problem. And if 85% of America is happy and content with the health care insurance then I don't see how there is much of a problem that we need to screw them over to placate the approximately 15 million who don't have health care and could use it.

Seriously. All the people (ok, like the dozen) that are protesting in front of insurance companies, how many of them are covered by a plan at work? Again, they should drop their coverage instead of putting more money into the coffers of these evil companies. If they did, all of their evilness would disappear and they would be happy.

Put up or shut up.

Now some will say it is a ridiculous for me to say they should drop their coverage. But we have that right in America. A right that the government is trying to take away. If you do not like something, do not buy it, do not watch it, do not read it, do not listen to it. Turn the TV/Radio/Web browser off. Walk away. Do not give them the time, attention, or money that keeps them going. Otherwise you have made a choice and you deserve to live with it.

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