Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday

I had a good time with friends yesterday. Though I started on the groggy side, once I got my drink on I felt much better. Hair of the dog works people. Of course it doesn’t hurt when shots are being passed around and the Cowboys play a great game. Having your sports team win always alleviates the pain.

I was quite pleased with the Boys yesterday. I wasn’t too concerned after the first set of drives. Sure Atlanta moved right down the field to take a 7-0 lead. Yeah, the Cowboys looked bad going three and out. But it was typical of the Cowboys when they have a week off. Shake off the rust in the first series and then hunker down to play some football. Plus, history was on their side. The Cowboys are 6-1 the week after the bye when playing at home. It felt like only a matter a time before they would find the gear.

And there it was. The Falcons get the ball back and Ryan is sacked on consecutive plays. Just the jumpstart they needed. Later Romo connects to Austin and they have a lead they wouldn’t give up. Romo would get back to running the ball too. Even though he got his bell rung- he needs to remember to slide feet first- he managed to get some yards when needed. He also used his feet in to wiggle out of a sack and throw a touchdown at the end of the first half. Check this out:

I find it amusing that Dallas signed Allen Rossum to be a return specialist. On the first kickoff return he got hurt. Not sure how serious the injury may be but he didn’t return to the game. I wouldn’t be shocked if he gets cut this week.

And now to baseball.

I may watch some of the World Series this year. The playoffs have featured some really good games. And some really bad officiating. The umps have been terrible. Ruined the chances of the Twinkies. I hope they don’t screw any of these games up.

I am not sure who I would like to see win. I have the typical Midwest view of the game. The Yankees go around buying a team and I wouldn’t want them to win it. The Phillies are a foe of the Brewers and a pain in the ass.

But then I think guys like Pauly, Derek and the Rooster, good people that are die hard Yankee fans. On the Philly side is Al and his crew, more good people. Seems like a win win that friends will be happy when the last out is recorded. Good luck to both teams and their fans.

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