Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pizza Juice

I was a little hung over this morning. It was lack of sleep more than too much alcohol. I left one party and ended up in some guy's garage after being told there would be a bunch of chicks there. After playing some dreidle like game and losing $5 , I headed home at 2am. Ten hours of drinking was good enough for me.

I just wish I could have gotten some more sleep. Soon the dam cat woke me up at 8. I moved to the couch and tried to rest.

Then the texts came. Going out for the game? Yes. But let me sleep some more. I then decided to give nonsense answers to all texts. My buddy Ron texts asking for a ride. I answered Onion rings and wings. He came back with the confused response of U lost me. I texted back Pizza Juice. That totally confused him.

So next time you want to mess with your friends, just text them Pizza Juice. You'll be happy that you did.

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