Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jabber jaw

So I end up at my dad's house last night for dinner. Who am I to turn down steaks? He and his wife invite me over so it is the good thing to do. Pops is up there in years and I have to make sure I am the only one in the will and that my brother and sister get nuthin. Being men we hit all the big topics of sports and snowblowers and television. We also let his wife chime in on things here and there such as estate sales, tourning other people homes, and the Great Circus Parade.

I think they may have been cooped up a little too much over the summer as they seemed rather giddy to have company. As in there were times where they were rambling on about things. In some cases, way TMI. I don't know if my dad's wife was looking to embarass him or just didn't know any better because there were some things that should be kept between them. Too personal for even his kids to hear about. Thankfully nothing in the sex department came up but still she could learn to hold her tongue a bit. I know she means well but she may need to learn to ease up on the throttle instead of letting going full bore.

Weather looks to be annoying this weekend. Yep, that is the word I think applys. Annoying. Cold, rainy, and windy. It was that trifecta that made me, and eventually the majority of the crew, decide to not go camping this weekend. That forecast reminded me of a weekend earlier this year where I felt like I was sleeping in a snow globe. It was a miserable Saturday night of rain, wind, and cold. Thinking it would be a repeat of the crap from a couple months ago made it an easy decision. Outside, cold, wet, and drinking beer versus Inside, warm, dry and drinking beer. Easy decision, right?

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