Friday, October 02, 2009

Weekend changed

I had taken the day off with the intent to be traveling south of the city to enjoy a weekend around a campsite and a cooler full of beer. But Mother Nature didn't want to cooperate. Instead of a nice crisp autumn weekend, she went full bitch mode with cold and rain. I think we could have handled cool, maybe even cold, but rain? Oh hells no! Cold and wet don't work. Not on any level. Go ahead, think about it. Name some cold and wet that is good? Beside beer or any other beverage. I don't think you can.

So instead of packing stuff up and heading to the store to buy breakfast type foods- I was assigned breakfast sausage and a dozen and a half eggs- I found myself doing laundry and folding my underwear. Sorry, no pictures.

Now I am thinking of where to go buy some beer. I planned to be drinking this weekend and I don't see why that should change. The difference is the location. And now the beer. I think I need to find me a couple six packs of whatever looks good. Bypass the marathon beer of choice for a nice malted beverage that someone put their heart and soul into.

So have yourself a good weekend and Rock on With Your Bad Self!

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