Sunday, October 04, 2009


It was a pink day for the NFL. To show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, players, refs and the fields have a little pink in them.

One thing I couldn't help but notice when watching the Cowboys/Broncos game were two women sporting the Susan G. Komen pink survivor shirts. What was noteworthy was that they were on the field, standing in the end zone by themselves. I will go with the assumption that the Denver Broncos granted this special access to the ladies and allowed them field passes. A fantastic gesture.

Then I thought of my friend Annette. She is a survivor. So when are the Packers going to pony up some tickets for her? And I do mean tickets. I don't want them digging deep in the storage locker for an old pink Favre jersey.

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J. Gambino said...

I would rather have Brewers tix. I was amazed at how many guys wore the pink this year. I was equally amazed at Ochocinco. He was going to wear more pink than the NFL was allowing and if he got fined, he would match that with a donation to breast cancer awareness. The guy is kind of a head case, but he can throw his money around like that if he wants.