Monday, October 05, 2009

Sunday, not so fun day

Somehow I feel like I punished myself yesterday. Not sure why I feel that way but by the time I went to bed I was all kinds of hurt. Head, stomach, heart.

It started with an onslaught on my stomach. It was non-intentional. I thought that some chili would fit a nice autumn day watching football. But soon after finishing a bowl my stomach started a small revolt. Unfortunately for me it would lead a charge out the bottom of my body. I might as well put a firecracker up my ass as it seemed to burn more on the way out than on the way in. Of course I continued to eat chili throughout the day. No, I do not learn.

The Cowboys loss hurt. Romo’s game fell apart in the second half. I am still trying to figure out where Witten was at the end of the game. Or, why are you passing the ball twice to your 4th receiver at the end of the game. The receive going up against one of the best D-backs in the league, running the same play? Maddening. And disappointing, leaving me with a heavy heart.

I should have been drinking, putting on a good buzz but my head was totally clear. I see that as an onslaught to my brain. I should have treated it better by basting it with alcohol. Sorry brain.

At least I was able to catch two good shows last night. Showtime may have a stronger Sunday night lineup than HBO now. Dexter and my new favorite show, Californication. The Duchovney character is too funny. I think I have a man-crush on the character. I started watching season two when I saw it was available. As it went on I became hooked. But it was this scene that propelled it over the top.

His reaction was priceless. Actually his speech about the mother-to-be vagina was funny in its own right but the reaction had me rolling on the floor. Now I need to find the first season on Netflix.

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