Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sucking & blowing

Looks like like it will be a leaf raking day on Saturday. The trees were holding those leaves pretty good until the rain hit. Now I have a front yard that is covered in orange and yellow. Bad part is I need some dry days to make the raking easier. Raking wet leaves blows. But I need it to be dry and not windy. My sidewalks, which usually seem like a basin for every leaf in the neighborhood, are pretty clear right now. If it gets windy I will be screwed.

What I really should get is a leaf vacuum/blower. Then I can go around sucking/blowing leaves all over the place. It makes raking seem like fun when you call it sucking and blowing. Name a time when sucking and blowing wasn't a good thing. Detroit Lions fans are not allowed to answer.

Speaking of blowing, I cannot believe what I read in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Workers at Ford are rejecting the union's recommend concessions that included a wage and benefits freeze as well as agreeing not to strike. Sure, no one wants to give up the potential for making more money but do these people not realize that they just survived losing their job and that said job is still not guaranteed in the future? The say Ford will be profitable in 2011 and they shouldn't lose out when they are. This is the auto industry. Profitability is never guaranteed. Plus you have GM asking for more money from the government. Be happy you have a job. As much as I like the fact you are not listening to the union leaders, you are being greedy and short sighted by not ensuring your company can continue to compete and beat GM, Chrysler and the rest of the auto makers.

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