Wednesday, October 28, 2009

True diversity

My company is in to the the whole diversity thing. They like to host different diversity events during the year to promote the bullshit concept of diversity. Yes, it is bullshit. Penn and Teller proved it on their show, Bullshit!. But I am not here to bash the concept. I am here to offer the best idea for a diversity event ever. I came to realize there is one place most cities have that is the best example of a truly diverse workplace. I plan to offer it up as a suggestion. A field trip if you will. But first some background.

Yesterday's event involved a radio station in Milwaukee. I won't name it because of the political slur the guy used against conservatives. I am sure he thought he said nothing wrong but I would later find out it pissed some people off. One of the things they mentioned was an after school organization in town called Milwaukee Scores. Mention Scores to any guy who has degenerate friends and they will most likely think of one thing.

Strip club.

When the guy said Milwaukee Scores I immediately hoped he was talking about the famed New York gentleman's club. Sadly he was not. But it got me to thinking. What place is more diverse than a strip club? As the guy blabbered on, I kept thinking out the idea of a diversity event at a strip club. I believe it may be the most diverse place of business in the country. Definitely more diverse than what radio guy was yacking about.

Think about it. Women of different backgrounds, colors, creeds dancing to different types of music and entertaining different men of color, financial background, and tastes. You can have a black girl dancing to country music for a white guy drinking beer at the front of the stage while an Asian chick gives a private dance in the VIP lounge to a black guy drinking a martini as Motley Crue blares throughout the club. The combinations are endless.

Furthermore, talk to the girls. They need to be able to work side by side with each other regardless of whether who on stage next is black, white, or purple. They need to adapt to whatever music is being played and pry money off of whoever is giving it away. I would bet the majority of these girls do not judge anyone based on the color of their skin. They want the money to be green.

Thus I think my company should have a field trip to one of the local strip clubs to experience true diversity in the workplace. I believe it would be the most entertaining event to date.

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