Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Book talk ruined by blogger

I wanted to talk about a post at today but Blogger doesn't want to load properly on this sad little laptop at work so I can't. Czabe links to a post on Deadspin where they have posted excerpts from an NBA ref who got busted for wagering on the games. His tell all seems to have some nice references to how the games are cooked for certain teams by the league itself.

I don't like the NBA game. I barely like the NCAA version. If it wasn't for the tournament I could care less about the sport. But this is a book that I may go out and get. It has enough dirt in it to embarass the league if anyone talks about it. It will most likely be discredited and buried but anyone who reads it and watches the games will have to be thinking.

Plus I wonder if I can use it for betting.

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