Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Trapped by a "long talker"

I only had a quick question. A question that should have been answered with a 'yes' or 'no' and maybe a short description of why. But instead I got a speech about the mechanics and theories along with opinion and how something could be improved.

I dropped the hints. "Ok, sounds good.." didn't work. "Thanks a lot, that was quite useful" was ignored.

I looked at my watch like I had a meeting to get to. I even tried the begin-to-walk-away but they walked with me.

Cripes! Enough already. I know what I need to know. I don't need the other information. Let me get back to my desk. Don't make me beat you with a blunt instrument!!!

In case you couldn't figure it out, I don't like the "long talker". I rather be trying to work and listen to my co-worker bark when she gets frustrated. Today she seems to have replaced the bark with a raspberry. I wonder what sound might be next.

There is a comment from last week that I must address. It was in reference to the bad commercials, specifically Taco Bell's. Of course, they are "anonymous"
It's called marketing, and it obviously caught your ear/eye enough to blog
about it on some internet forum. Even though I'd never eat a black taco (or taco
bell for that matter) I can't deny the fact that they advertise well and market
to their demographic. You say four year old, I say genius.

Anony- may I call you anony?- has a point but however they are still wrong. They point out that it "caught my ear/eye enough to blog about it". Yes, successful marketing does that. However, successful marketing would also have me blogging about it in a POSITIVE manner and more importantly, have me BUYING the product. People will check out the commercial if they hear about it but commercials are worthless unless they get people to want to buy what you are advertising. Sorry Anony, but Taco Bell achieved only 1 of 3 metrics. Make me wonder if the commercials were so bad that they decided to dump the black tacos for free on Halloween.

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