Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brief recap

No, I am not hiding. I have not given up on football. And I am not "hanging down incognito" as Winger might say. Wait, did I just use a Winger lyric? Something must be wrong.

Just been busy. Come back to town on Monday and relax to work the alcohol out of the system. Going to a bar that has "triple cripple" and staying there for 5 or 6 hours will do some damage on your liver but it leaves you wallet fat and happy. I could have sworn I through a 20 on the bar upon our arrival around 5 and still had 14 bucks when we got up to leave at 1 am.

The numbers allude me as I ended up getting pretty hammered. There was a point where I was ready to fall asleep at the bar. My eyes were drooping and I could hear my buddy say I was drunk. But I wasn't done yet. I got off the bar stool and landed on my feet *good sign!* and went outside for some fresh air. Soon the haze was gone and I came back in and rallied to the end.

And like all of these trips there was some drama. The difference was I was part of it this time. Long story short. Yes, I was being an ass. But if my friend would have just said he had money on the college game, I would have stopped. He didn't so I kept on going. Still hard to believe he would get so upset over something so minimal.

Ah, good times!

Have to get to work now. Way too much to do. Looking to plug me ears and listen to the music and hope no one interrupts me. The boss is away and I shall play. Music that is.

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