Thursday, November 19, 2009

The damn leaves

I knew it was too good to be true. The leaves were falling all in the right direction- away from my yard. Sure I had a treeful in the front but the sides by the sidewalk had stayed clean.

But the wind picked up a bit and now I have a lot of leaves deposited along the walkway. I was hoping I could somehow get away with having to do a lot of raking but it looks like I will be out there on Saturday whether I like it or not. Sure I should get a leaf blower but I don’t feel like going to a store.

Damn those leaves!

I have one other story from Green Bay this weekend. One thing we wanted to do was get up there early to watch the Wisconsin Badger- Michigan Wolverine game. A friend suggested we go in to the local Tilted Kilt to watch it. I had heard the legendary stories of the Tilted Kilt at the Rio in Vegas. Chicks with hiked up ta-tas acting slutty? Of course I am there! We get up to GB with 10 minutes to spare and walk into the place. It reminded me of a BW3s. Bar in one half, dining in the other. The bar area was spacious and looked good. We got some drinks (yes, I have to say drinks as my friends got soda whilst I drank a Guinness). We proceed to ask our bosomy waitress to put on the Badger game. Some doofus wearing a kilt proceeds to try to get in the Big Ten Network. No go. They don’t have it.

Strike one.

How does a place that calls itself a sports bar not have the Big Ten Network? It is ridiculous. My goes up to help the guy as he is familiar with DirectTV and thinks he can find it. He fails. Then our waitress comes back and tells us she just texted her boyfriend and he confirmed they don’t have it. Boyfriend?

Strike two.

We decide we need to go. I chug down my Guinness and we are out the door. I feel bad for the waitress and the staff. They would have had a good time and made some coin had they had a cable station that would be mandatory for a sports bar.

We head down the road to BW3s to watch the game. By doing so we went from one end of the hot chick spectrum to the other. From cute girls showing midriffs and cleavage to chubby girls who thankfully weren’t showing muffin tops. It was rather depressing. But the Badgers won so all was not lost.

At least I got a good laugh out of the Kilt before we left. The message painted on the wall of the men’s room read: No matter how good she looks, there is some guy out there who is sick of putting up with her shit.

Well played Tilted Kilt. Well played.


AletaR said...

That sign is in the ladies room also..(replace the she with he)

StB said...

That doesn't make any sense in there.

AletaR said...

It's right next to your phone number.