Friday, November 27, 2009

Slow down

I am freezing my ass off at work right now. I shouldn't be surprised because it happens every year. It gets cold outside and it take the maintenance crew a couple days to get the heat on. I could cut glass with my nips its so fuckin cold in here.

It was 31 degrees outside when I left for work. That prompted me to break out the leather jacket for the season. I will need to clean it some time this weekend. Leather maintenance is a must to me.

There is thing that always sticks in my head about the Friday after Thanksgiving. It isn't the shopping. To me Black Friday means I drink only dark beers. I always remember the speeding ticket I got going to work. It is the last speeding ticket I have received and though it was over 10 years ago, it still haunts me. Every time I come to the curve just before Burleigh I slow up. That sherriff was lurking just beyond that curve and had me dead to rights. Even people going crazy fast this morning I still took it easy around that bend. Better safe than sorry.

I kinda want to pontificate on the Cowboys but don't feel the need. They beat the Raiders but it wasn't a solid pounding to me. Lots of big plays but the offense still made mistakes and sputtered at times. As I watched I kept wondering how bad the bEagles had to mess up to lose to this team.

Plus Phil Simms needs to quit as an announcer. Though I only heard half of the game (being at my dad's house where volume is a sin), the parts I heard from Simms were just stupid. On one play he praises an Oakland tight end for a crossing pattern, stating he is too fast for the safety and its a great mismatch. Umm...the safety got picked on the crossing pattern from the slot receiver. That is what got the tight end open. Not speed. A pick. Soon Simms was praising DeMarcus Ware for "blowing up the blocker" and getting into the backfield. Problem is the play was a screen pass. The "blown up blocker" was the tight end who chipped him and then caught a pass for over 10 yards.

I have the game recorded and will probably watch it again. I just hope I don't have to hear more mistakes from the announcers. Simms used to be a good announcer adding insight to the action. Now he seems to want to make it more entertaining than it needs to be.

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