Monday, November 02, 2009

Irish tales

Irish drinkers are like locusts. They destroy the place.
- Local Irish bar owner

Yesterday was a good day for me. Spent the day drinking beer and watching football. In the end I fell asleep watching TV. It was weird to wake up and see two guys in bed on my screen. I freaked a bit thinking Dexter had turned gay to kill someone but then realized I had been out for an hour and Harvey Milk was being played on Showtime.

The beer was going down well yesterday. It started with wings at Hooters (the garlic parm tasted awesome!) and then more beer at the local bar. I knew it would be good when the bartender said he wished he could close the place down and smoke a bowl. That meant he was going to be in good form for the game.

The beer just kept on a'coming. Soon the owner would show up having gone to the Packers game. I hadn't noticed it was getting that late. I guess the conversation with the Irish guy was that good. The Irish guy owns the bar next to the one we were drinking in. He is a good guy. Hard worker just trying to make it and support his family. He had some good stories about growing up in Ireland. He then insulted my drinking of Smithwicks calling it a trainer beer. I pointed at the bottle of Coors Light he had in front of him and asked how he could say that? He just laughed. Apparently the Guinness had kicked his ass around earlier in the day.

I wish I could have sat around downing some more beers but the wallet was light and responsibility was coming back. It does look like we will hit his Irish bar for the Badger game on Saturday. I don't know if my friend Ron will show up or not. He may be mad at me for lighting up his phone with texts. He wasn't responding so it seemed like a good idea to keep sending them. Guess I'll find out later this week.

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