Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kinda like Christmas

Ah yes. It is that time of the year again. The snow is falling and the presents are being wrapped. Time to gather with family, exchange gifts and get annoyed by my nieces. Such fun!

Once again, I was left in the dark as to what to buy people. At the last minute I am given a list and hurry off to get stuff. Buying for my brother and his wife is next to impossible for me. I have always described him as the anti-StB. He is my polar opposite. Where I go out and part with friends at a bar, he stays home to watch movies with his wife. Where I go off to places like Vegas for all kinds of shenanigans he goes to his wife's family house. Where I usually wait to buy something until after Christmas just in case someone bought it as a gift, he goes off and buys it anyways.

He and his wife have totally different tastes. Thus I find it difficult to buy something for someone who has all they need. As I wandered through a store yesterday, I saw a number of things that I thought were pretty good gift ideas. But then I had to think of who it was for. Nope, he would just return it. I though screw it and let him return it but I wouldn't want to go through the hassle.

To be fair, they did give me a list with a couple of ideas. I was able to get stuff for my nephew no problem and I look forward to buying stuff for him that will piss them off in the future. But for now I couldn't find what they have requested. They said I could get the stuff at Target. Nope. I really believe they don't make one of the things they asked for. They ask every year for this and they never get it because it doesn't exist.

So I have done the best I can. And if it ain't good enough then I will just get plowed and beat up the kids.

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