Monday, December 21, 2009

What to do

This may seem kind of pathetic. I have a day off from work and I don't know what I am going to do. Except maybe some work. I won't be trying to log in to get emails or anything but do have some items due this week. I didn't even realize I had requested the day off until late Friday afternoon when I was reminded of the fact. I think I requested the day off before I realized that the family would be doing Christmas this past Saturday. Now I sit here wondering what I am going to do. It may be a day to hit the store for some food, pop a hunk of beef into a slow or pressure cooker and watch some movies.

The time with the family was better than I had anticipated. Things went smoothly and no one ended up crying. That may be a first and it may be an end to a "Christmas" tradition.

Being that I was with family I was unable to watch the Cowboys victory on Saturday night. For future betting trends remember this: I am 2-0 when unable to watch the Cowboys play a Saturday night game because of family Christmas gatherings. The Cowboys Cowboys are 3-0 against the NFC South on Saturday games. All 3 wins came on the road.

One gift I received this Saturday was an Airport Express establishing a wireless network in the house. I have the speakers plugged in and can now play music through them. It seems pretty cool. Now I guess it is time to move the old pc to storage. I think I have pulled the necessary files off of it. I am hoping I don't pack it away just to realize I need an old document.

Time to get a hunk of beef to cook.

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