Wednesday, December 09, 2009

No snow

The forecast started at 8 to 14 inches. It then became 6 to 9. Last night it was heavy snow after 7 with at least 5 inches by the lake. And this morning…..nothing. My cat woke me up at 4:25 so I figured I’d take a look outside to see the damage. All I saw was wetness. No snow just wet pavement. I live 3 blocks from Lake Michigan and apparently the lake kept the area warm enough which caused it to rain and not snow. Sounds good to me and my back.

But I am not out of the woods yet. It is wet out and the temperatures are expected to plummet. The precipitation is not over and I will end up with some snow. I will need to clean up later today. That is after a potentially treacherous ride home. There is a lot of snow where I work and it is still coming down along with branches from the trees. I am hoping the freeway and city streets are not one big ice rink by the time I leave work.

I am also hoping there isn't that much snow at my mother's house. If it is anything like what I see outside now my back will be hating me later. But it needs to get done. I am heading to Vegas tomorrow and I know I can't count on my brother to clean up the sidewalk.

Totally looking forward to a weekend of debauchery. I need it. Life ain't bad but I need a break from the routine.

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