Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Can't think straight

RIP Dimebag.

So, they are saying 6 to 9 inches of wet heavy snow today. The lake will prevent it from being a lot of snow but will ensure it is wet heavy snow. Not sure I like that trade off. As long as it doesn’t prevent me from escaping the city on Thursday it doesn’t matter how much snow we get.

I am not sure how much I will get done at work today or tomorrow. With bad weather and time away I can’t focus that well. My mind is racing around thinking of a million things that are out of my control. Such as the snow. I will need to shovel not just my sidewalk but find time to get over and clean up my mother’s house as well. When will I have time get cash for the trip? Will the hotel have my name on the reservation? A friend booked via a separate site and not directly. Though he added my name on the site, will the hotel get the update? Will the work I get done this week be acceptable or will I need to redo it when I get back? Will some purchases arrive when I am gone? It took them 10 days last time to deliver so I should be good here.

Not sure why I let these things scramble my brain. They just do. The thoughts keep racing around not making much sense. But I think thing will be back to normal come Thursday night. Hell, I know they won't be normal but things will be much better.

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AletaR said...

It's just a natural thing to worry about silly stuff before a vacation. Right?? Gee my mind races like that every day. Be glad your's only acts up prior to time off.