Monday, December 28, 2009


I have a lot of time on my hands this week. I am on holiday this week. On holiday. I like saying that instead of on vacation. Sounds a bit more special. Holidays are always good.

Unlike last Monday, I am prepared for this week. Well, kind of. I was aware I had this time off so I am mentally into it. I don't have much planned at this point. I will have to do some dishes and laundry. Do some shopping. Read a book. Watch some movies. Be ready for the Badger bowl game. Hopefully have lunch with an old colleague on Wednesday. Nothing in cement but plenty to keep me busy. I like it like that.

Today I will enjoy the moment. The Dallas Cowboys are in the playoffs again. The win last night wasn't pretty but it was a pretty dominating performance, especially by the defense. It sets up a big game next week against the bEagles for the East title. That means a home game, most likely against the bEagles again the following week with a win. Either which way it is two tough games back to back. These Cowboys are up for the challenge. Hell, there isn't a team in the NFC that they can't beat. They match up well against them all. They have beaten New Orleans and Philly. They played poorly against Green Bay but weren't out of it until midway through the 4th. The defense has gotten much better since that game. Minnesota and Arizona are both sputtering along. At this point, Dallas and GB are playing the best football and could easily win on the road.

Should be an interesting post season. The teams that seemed dominant are suddenly struggling. It feels good that the Cowboys are peaking at the right moment.

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AletaR said...

"On Holiday"..sounds like a line from a 40's movie. Steven is not in the office as he is "On Holiday". Have a good week of vacation.