Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Monday was relaxing. Slept, watched a movie, played some poker, and relaxed. Had some pulled pork for dinner after letting a chunk of pig sit in a slow cooker all day. It was some good eats I tell ya.

I think Tuesday calls for more of the same. Except with the addition of football tonight. Trying to rally the troops to go out for the Wisconsin Badgers Bowl game tonight. Thinking of checking out Mad Dog's Sports Bar. Just hoping they put aside country night until after the game is over. One call later today should get me an answer. If not, I can rail on the place for not having the game on.
I paid my property taxes yesterday. It would feel so bad if the City and County of Milwaukee wouldn't waste it. If they would learn to control spending and understand that there job is not to demand more money from property owners we would all be better off.

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Hey Jo said...

I paid my taxes today. They actually went down by 3.6%. One of the biggest drops was the school district. My portion to the county dropped by about 60$.

Seeing as the value of my property went up I'm happy. Good job St. Francis!!