Thursday, December 03, 2009

Winter is here

There are days where I realize I am totally in the wrong industry. When I saw this headline I rolled my eyes. All men watch porn. Someone got paid to research what we already know? Hell, what do I get a grant to conduct similiarly difficult research like Is water wet? Can a woman get ready in under 5 minutes? Do I like ribs? If someone is going to get paid to research the obvious then I want a piece of that sweet sweet action.

Snow was forecasted for last night but it never arrived. It may be backordered and could be delivered tonight in the form of a couple inches. Based on that and the need for an oil change I made the decision to put the car away for the season and bust out the truck. I am saddened when the car goes away. That is the realization that the cold weather is here to stay along with snow and ice. Why am I living in Wisconsin again?

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AletaR said...

You live in Wisconsin because there's never a dull moment. Imagine living somewhere where the weather was the same all the time?
Oh wait, that could be ideal.