Saturday, December 05, 2009


Wow. What a difference! I am shocked by how much better this MacBook Pro is compared to my old pc. I shouldn't be considering the age of the pc but so are so many other items that are amazing.

I am getting over the little differences still. Like the close buttons in the left corner instead of the right. There are certain keys I miss on the keyboard like the page up or the end and home keys. There is probably an equivalent on the Mac but if so I haven't found it. I am also getting used to working without a mouse. I may buy one of those down the line as I prefer to use that than the pad.

I have spent some time moving files. It was quite easy with the ethernet cable. Some files came over in duplicate which meant I had to do some cleanup in iTunes but overall it was pretty good. I also had a problem with ringtones. Some disappeared while others came across fine. Otherwise I think I have everything I want.

I have had some issues with syncing the iPhone. It took awhile to get the sync fixed with the photo app. I also had a bunch of old apps show up again. Nothing that could be cleaned up.

My next step is to get wireless I see this little gadget called the AirPort Express which may be ideal for what I am looking for. It would give me wireless access as well as hook up my stereo to iTunes. If I don't go that route then I will need to get some new speakers. In the meantime I will explore this machine some more.


Anonymous said...

Page up: Fn-Up arrow
Page down: Fn-Down arrow
Home: Command-Up arrow
End: Command-Down arrow

I also prefer to have the speakers, etc. keys mapped to require the Fn key pressed first. I use my function keys too much.

Learn two-finger scrolling. You'll learn to hate the mouse then.

StB said...

Thanks that is quite helpful. I discovered the two finger scroll Sat afternoon and am forgetting the mouse. Two finger scroll. Sounds dirty.