Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in Review

I drank beer
I went places
I had great times with friends
I drank beer

That is my year in review. No need to go into details. I am not a professional blogger so why would anyone care?

New Years Eve is just another day to me. The celebration of the end of a year or beginning of a new year is meaningless. It is just another 24 hours. It isn't like all of your problems cease to exist because it is 2010.

People say they are happy that the year is over and look forward to the new year being much better. Is your slate being wiped clean? All those issues suddenly gone? Of course not. All you have is a hangover and potentially more problems because of stupid things you may have done during a party.

Don't mean to pee in your cornflakes if you are a fan of this "holiday". Just not my thing. Oh, I will take the day off and relax with friends. Crazy people I know want to jump into the freezing cold lake tomorrow. Again, not my thing but I will provide a warm place for them to defrost and enough booze for them to get their courage levels high.

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