Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the fly

Sometimes your plans must be changed on the fly. When that occurs someone needs to be decisive and take the lead. Otherwise people will just stand around looking dopey as they wait for someone to make a decision.

We had that moment yesterday. Went out for the Wisconsin Badgers Bowl game and found ourselves pulling into a pretty full parking lot. It was 6:20ish and the game started at 7. Going to a new place with little knowledge about the crowd means you should be there at least an hour before the game. Continuing employment for one in our group prevented this from happening. Maybe I should have gone out there early myself but that is another story. When we got inside it was busy as well. Nary a table nor bar stools\ available. Saw some people hoarding tables for friends. Been there and done that myself. A cute waitress tried to find a spot for us but couldn't. I should have slipped her a twenty to take away a table from an old dude. I bet we would have spent more and tipped better than the geezer.

So we made a decision to go elsewhere. A couple names were tossed out. Chaamps, Hooters, BW3s, Wendts. I spun the ideas in my head. Chaamps would be busy and no guarantee of a table. Hooters may be busy and was close by. BW3s would be a zoo. We went with Wendts.

At first it seemed like a bad idea to me. There was maybe 10 people in the bar with 15 minutes until kickoff. And they were playing techno music. For this crowd? We had little choice and had to make do. Got some beers and sat at a table waiting for the game. It starts and we still have crappy music playing. It seemed to take the bartendress a little time to figure out how to turn off the music. Soon we had volume and a good view. It was game time!

Badgers kick off and Miami tries some trickery- a reverse! And it works. Though the touchdown was called off due to a block in the back, they scored one play later. Major deflation. It was a "Holy Shit! This could get ugly" moment. But it wasn't. The Badgers would soon tie the game up and then begin to dominate. The defense smothered and neutralized the Hurricane running game. The Badger offense moved the ball down field effectively. About the only thing they didn't do was put more points on the board. A fumble cost them a likely touchdown and some prevent defense made the game closer than it was. But the Badger got the victory and everyone went home happy. That may be the result of drinking Boomba beers!

Now to figure out what to do today. I may be having lunch with a friend in Brookfield. I should stop at the store and find something to eat for the rest of the week. I could watch a movie. District 9 and All About Steve should arrive in the mail. I still have a book to read as well. What to do, what to do.

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