Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day off

It was one of those clusterfuck days. Having MLK day a holiday is a good thing. A respectful act for a man who wonder so much for his country. But there is a downside to the day off. The business world doesn't stop and that day has to be made up.

All that Monday work just doesn't disappear. The quantity may not be large but it is still there. So you have to get both the Monday work done along with the Tuesday work. It can be tough. But then you add in those weekly meetings that usually occur on Monday be slotted in for Tuesday. There goes half your day. And don't forget those things that suddenly come up and require immediate attention. My morning was blown by one of those situations.

So now I have a Wednesday filled with both Monday and Tuesday work. Oh and Wednesday work. I also have some reports due by the end of the month that need to be redone because the system had a small flaw in it. Dates are wrong and must be corrected. That will take up a portion of my Wednesday. Toss in some other items that I had forgot and my Wednesday looks to be tossed in to the muck.

I guess that is my roundabout way of saying that posting may be sporadic over the next couple of days. I may get pissed off and band a keyboard for sanity's sake but I hope that doesn't happen.

So with my day off I sat around and did nothing. Hell I could have been a guest on Springer with all the laziness I portrayed yesterday. I feel stupid for watching 20 minutes of Maury Povich. It seems every single Maury show follows the same script.

Bitchy chick (screaming): I say that this dude is my baby daddy.
Dude: I am not (screaming). The baby don't look like me.
Bitchy chick ( still screaming): You better admit this is your child. He needs money for diapers and food and wipes and clothes.
Dude (still screaming): Ask the guys she's been sleeping with to pay for it. I ain't go no job anyway.

Maury gets on and they boo the guy. They do the dance of more yelling and booing. You get head scratchers like "I had my first child at 15. I had no obligation to take care of it but I did!" The parents yelled at each other some more, trading insults. You may get a family member in the audience yelling at them as well.

Then Maury announces the results of the DNA test. At this point either mother or father gets up and yells at the other one "I told you so!!!". If the dude ain't the father the woman goes running and crying off stage. If the guy is the father they make up and suddenly become one happy family. This dirtball is now suitable to take care of his child and be not just a good father, but the best father in the country.

Yep, I admit I watched some of that yesterday. But you know how it is. You see the train coming and want to watch it pile into the school bus that is stuck on the tracks.

I also wasted some time watching Transformers 2. It put me to sleep. All About Steve was mildly amusing. And Devil's Playground was pretty damn strange. For those that do not know, Devil's Playground is about Amish kids getting to be normal once they turn 16 years old. They can dress "english" which means they can wear regular clothes, drive cars, drink, and do whatever they can't do while part of the church. It is expected that they will return to the church and give it all up by the age of 21.

What I found baffling about the documentary was these kids boozing it up every night, getting cars, buying clothes, doing tons of drugs, and owning video games. One kid brags about having Direct TV, a Nintendo, and a refrigerator full of beer. What they never say is, where do these people get all of this money? Are Amish kids all rich? They go off partying like crazy and passing out in fields. Some have jobs but they blow the money on drugs and booze. Yet they still have money to buy more stuff. Makes me think these Amish kids have it easy.

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SirFWALGMan said...

I bet they are rich.. I mean what the hell do you spend money on with no electric and shit?