Monday, January 11, 2010

Good weekend

It was a wild weekend of football. Though my beloved Dallas Cowboys advanced the same cannot be said for the team my friends favor. It was a rough way for the Packers to lose that game yesterday. It was a great comeback but it fell short. Though I feel bad for my friends, I can’t help but feel optimistic and excited for next weekend.

My plans for the Cowboys game on Saturday were murky to say the least. I wasn’t sure I would be out at a bar watching the game. I knew a number of places would have the game on but most would not have audio. If it isn’t a local team you do not get sound with the games. I thought of the one place it was guaranteed to be on and decided against it. I had plenty of beer at home and figured that is where my butt would end up.

But I didn’t want to stay cooped up. A friend had wanted to go out for wings and watch the Wisconsin basketball game. I don’t care for the roundball and passed but I wanted to go out. So I talked him into going out for the Jets/Bengals game instead. I figured I could leave when the game was over and watched the Cowboys game in the comfort of my own home.

We headed out to a somewhat new sports bar, Mad Dog Saloon. Interesting place. It is roomy with plenty of TVs. Pool tables are in one section while sports themed video games line another wall. The girls behind the bar and friendly and really hustle. Beer prices were normal. There were no stated specials for Saturday and no happy hour pricing but they did offer specials later in the evening making them up as they went. They had the sound on during the Jets/Bengals game which isn’t surprising. There is nothing else on and the crowd wasn’t big so they had the game going full bore.

We tried the wings by choosing 5 different sauces. Though the wings were a good size the sauces were lacking. The hot was nothing more than Frank’s Red Hot. The BBQ sauce was bland if not watery. It had no body. The teriyaki was ok but I am not a fan of teriyaki to begin with. The jerk sauce tasted like honey and lime. There was no spice to it. And the garlic parmesan had no flavor. They really need to go back to the kitchen and start over with those recipes.

After the first game ended I was thinking of taking off. But every time I did another beer appeared in front of me. Before I knew it the Cowboys game was on. Damn. Guess I will leave at halftime. But that didn’t happen either. Though they had music playing during the first 5 minutes of the game, they cut it off and provided football audio. They would cut back to the music during commercials but always get the TV sound going when the football game came back on. I liked that. No one wants to listen to commercials anyways.

Soon the shots would start flowing with every Cowboys TD- though we only were charged for one round…some other schlub may have gotten our shots on his tab- and before I realized it the game was over and the Cowboys had shaken a monkey off there back. Now I don’t have to hear bEagles fans talk about 1996 anymore. To beat the bEagles 3 times in a season is great for us, embarrassing to them, especially when you get shellacked in the last two meetings.

Still this is football. A win is good for 7 days. Hopefully the Cowboys can go up to Minnesota and help Packer fans by ending a certain QB's dreams of another Super Bowl trophy. For roughly 3 hours on Sunday, the number of people cheering on the Dallas Cowboys in Wisconsin will explode.

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AletaR said...

I shall be on cheering on the Cowboys. May have to practice up on the "stomp".