Friday, January 29, 2010

Nancy's bar bill

There are a lot of things in politics that just hack me off. The biggest is the amount of taxpayer money politicians think they can get away with wasting on themselves. Trips to foreign lands all in claim of building new business relationship are bad enough, but when you decide to charge the American public for your booze consumption, that is just over the top.

That is exactly what Nancy Pelosi has been doing. All to the tune of over $100,000. I thought she was a venomous vile woman to begin with, wasting money on weekly trips to and from California on military planes. But she also expects me to help pay her bar bill? Especially at a time when she wants to raise my taxes? I don't think so lady!

I cannot wait to see a response on this one. How will she squirm and justify taxpayer money to pay her high end liquor? I don't care what letter is behind your name, if you are a member of Congress you cannot use our money for your own personal benefit.

Now that I have that out of my system, let's talk about my mother. I love her. I have a good relationship with her. But like all parents she does things that drive me nuts. Take yesterday. I was in a meeting for the last 2 hours of the day. I get back to my desk to see she had called me twice within an hour. Twice within an hour? That can't be good. My mind starts racing and I am thinking the worse.

She left two messages. I anticipate some bad news as I hit the button for her voicemail. She says she hopes I will call back as soon as I get the message. Not a good way to start. She says something has been bothering her. Great! Am I going to have to take her to the hospital? She goes on about how she saw something on TV and that this riddle is driving her crazy. Damn, she was watching TV and fell and-wait. Riddle? Riddle? She is calling me about some mother fu*%$#$ riddle!?!?!?!?!? WTF?

I call her back and she goes on to tell me about a TV show she watched (Medium) and how they showed a license plate at the end and she couldn't figure out what it meant. She says it is a vanity plate. It read 126 FIO. She wanted me to figure it out or check the internet for what it is suppose to mean. Really mom? That is what you are in a frenzy about? Cripes! I do a quick check and find nothing. I am convinced she got the plate wrong. I was going to tell her it meant "I to sex Effio" or maybe it was really 126 FI8 and it meant "Ito asphyxiate".

Mom went on to say she heard that every month people have one really great day. When she saw this license plate on TV and it bugged her she starting calling everyone she could. Called my brother, my sister, her sister. She thought it was great that she talked to so many people. I being the bastard I am pointed out that it wasn't such a great day as the damn license plate was still bothering her because she had no answer for it.

Just call me the buzzkill.

And no, my mom did not feel that way. She still insisted she had a great day.

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VernFix said...

Why would anyone think that was a vanity plate?