Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wanted: Barber

The first thing I heard the morning was the wind howling outside. This was before my alarm went off at 5 am. I listened to the gusts and thought it must be nasty cold outside. Milwaukee is getting hit with some arctic air. The wind chill would be below zero. To me, anytime the wind is blowing and the temps are in the negatives that is nasty cold. I wanted to just stay in the warm bed and call it a day. But responsibilities take over and I reluctantly got up. I scrapped my morning routine and just got into the shower. The quicker I start the day, the quicker it can end.

I am going through a haircut conundrum. I am thinking it is time to find a new barber. Since my guy went underground, it feels a bit weird. It can be a bit uncomfortable having your hair cut in someone's kitchen. Now the other day I noticed he had a For Rent sign in the window of his building. Has he totally bugged out?

I don't have many other options for a barber either. I tried another shop once and didn't like the results. I may be forced to go to a chain. Ironically I saw a big ad with a coupon for one of the chains offering a haircut for $6. That scares me. I think if I went there I would get exactly that. A haircut worth six bucks. A haircut that would have me wearing a hat for the next 3 weeks. The other option is one of the "sports" cuts store that are popping up. The place for men to get their haircut. A place with TVs showing sports, video games, and beer. Ok, no beer but if they did you know I would be there.

I may make one last call to my guy to get the full story. If he is thinking on he would tell me so. Until then I have to decide if I can go another week with this mop on my head.

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AletaR said...

I'm thinking if you got a "fro" it would take care of the mop on your head.
I can tell you where not to go: Tri City Barber. One of us girls could probably lead you in the right direction of a stylist, but then of course you would need to go into a salon.