Saturday, January 09, 2010

Wildcard weekend

It is happening around the country today with an emphasis in 4 cities. Football fans are waking up with a certain amount of excitement. It is the playoffs. Do or die. One and out. There is no tomorrow for 4 teams after this weekend. And the fans know it.

They are going through the rituals. They are eating certain foods. They are putting on certain lucky clothes. They are grabbing their charms and getting ready to go to the bar and sit in the one special stool. They are reenacting the routine they did the last time their team won and they will do their best to repeat it perfectly. They are setting up the tailgate party and grilling the food on certain parts of the grill, making sure that their wife, girlfriend, or the other chosen lucky one eats first. Oh and let us not forget the other thing many of these fans are doing. Praying. They feel a word in to the Big Guy can't hurt.

I won't lie. I have done some of that myself today. I have the lucky shirt set aside already. A shirt a friend gave me- Captain Comeback Roger Staubach- that I have worn when the Dallas Cowboys have won two big games this year. I am hoping it can channel the greatness of Staubach and other Cowboys of the past to propel this team to victory today.

And if I walk around the chair twice, go the bathroom at precisely the 9:43 mark of the second quarter and don't eat anything but jalapenos until kickoff that is just coincidence.

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