Friday, January 08, 2010

Damn you snow buster!

My attempts to start my snow blower last longer than my drive home yesterday. The highways were cleared of snow and heavily salted making them wet. My sidewalk was the opposite. It was maybe 3-4 inches of snow, just the right amount to zip along with the snow blower.

But the damn thing wouldn't start. I couldn't get it to turn over. I stood in my garage cursing at it as I yanked on the cord. No go.

I grabbed the shovel and began pushing the light fluffy stuff around. It didn't take long to clear it up.

This morning was different. There was maybe 5-6 inches with drifts up to 10. Plus the plows had come through and pushed snow up onto the sidewalk. Damn you! Being a guy I figured I give the snow blower one last chance to get in my good graces. I only gave it about 5 tries before taking up shovel. 37 minutes later I had enough of the sidewalk done for people to walk and the drive wide enough to get my truck out.

Hopefully my friend can get the machine fixed. He thought he had it running fine in the fall. I thought I had it figured out a couple weeks back but then I was getting it to start. I have to clean up my mother's house after work. The exact reason why I got the snow blower fixed was for this kind of snowball. It blows that it has failed me.

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Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

The landlord has been sick. Like coming out of both end sick, great timing because I have to snow blow the driveway and both sidewalks (corner lot). And that is what I did the past two night after work. Yell, kick and wish for lighting to destory the stupid snow blower that I was not strong enough to start on my own. Stupid fucking manly machines!