Thursday, February 04, 2010


I am stuck in a rut. It all began with getting a new work laptop. I knew that was going to be both good and bad. With a new functioning laptop- yes I do feel the need to mention functioning based on the way the old one performed- there was going to be higher expectations. Such as working from home. That is not a big deal. I get paid to get a job done. If I can't get it done during the day then I will get it done at night. Having a machine that works properly is a huge plus even though it means less time to relax.

What I don't like is when I screw up and it results in an increased workload. It was my own neglect that saw me come home each night, work out and then sit on a couch playing catch-up. Before I knew it bed time was here and I moved from couch to bed. Hours later the alarm would go off and I would be back at my desk doing the same thing.

I think I have my stuff caught up now. But I have this nagging feeling I am missing something. Hopefully it isn't an item that will get me back in that rut.

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