Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I wasn't going to fast. I hit the brakes when I saw the SUV swerve into my lane two vehicles ahead of me. The mini van was able to swerve away so there wasn't an accident. The BMW in front of me hit their brakes a slide a bit before coming to a stop. I hit my brakes and slid. I saw their bumper get closer and closer as their brake lights shined bright red.

The storm hitting the city was different. The system was coming from the east heading west. It was taking moisture off of Lake Michigan and depositing snow over the city. Though it snowed on and off throughout the day, the heavy stuff started falling around 4pm. Just in time for rush hour.

It was already a mess when I left work. My normal 25 minute ride was already up to 46 minutes and getting worse. I had already decided to drive through the ghetto to hopefully get home within 40 minutes. That plan was changed when I saw the fire truck blocking the exit with the fire fighter leaning against the traffic barrier. About 20 yards past him on the exit were his buddies helping an overturned vehicle. They must have been driving like an idiot to flip their car there. The driver would have had to bounce his vehicle like pinball to make that happen.

I hadn't driven more than a mile until traffic stopped. I got off the freeway and started to navigate the side streets. It was slow going through the slush but it was moving steady. As long as no one did anything stupid traffic would flow and everyone would get home.

I think the lady driving the BMW was stupid. She easily stopped well short of the vehicles swerving in the intersection in front of her. But she decided to just stay there. She was basically parked in traffic. And was truck was sliding right toward the back of her car. I uttered a FUCK as I got closer. I laid on the horn in an effort of frustration over impending doom.

Impact in 3........2................

No impact. The beamer moved! I was shocked that I didn't at least tap the car.

I drove extra careful the rest of the way home though I had some choice words for the guy in the Mazda who was doing 15 mph on the freeway with his hazards on. If your vehicle is not handling well in the snow then the last thing you want to do is get on the freeway and become a moving obstacle for traffic moving twice as fast as you are.

I think I shall hold off on clearing the snow until the morning. It looks like it is still snowing. Plus a little early morning shoveling may do me some good.

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AletaR said...

There is nothing worse then that few seconds before impact. The shock doesn't wear off until a few minutes after you realize you made it through. Glad to hear all went well.