Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is this how my mind works?

Here is part of the thought process I had when I was shoveling this morning:
Hmm...not much snow out here
Not too cold either
Who is the guy with the dog?
Why is my shovel snagging on things?
Looks like the neighbor was out early with his snowblower
What a wuss. Not much snow.
Guess I will close the garage door because I won't need the blower.
Not surprised here. The old man next door did his shoveling last night.
What is that car doing down the street?
Did someone do a tap dance on the steps to my porch?
Tenant's paper has been delivered.
Maybe I will take it next week for my trip
Car still parked in the middle of the street. Jackass
Oh, the car is a patrol car for one of Milwaukee's finest
Maybe I should have waved to them?
I have the perfect cover for a crook. Good citizen who gets up early to shovel but kills people at night.
Oh wait, that is Dexter.
Dexter's wife was killed in the last episode. Found in the bathtub full of blood.
I wonder if I have any tomato juice?
Did she show her boobs in that episode?
Just a little bit more to go
Must pack stuff up for clearing the sidewalk at ma's house
Shit, gonna end up at work 30 minutes early
Wish I hadn't closed the garage door. Could put the shovel in the truck
That's done.
What do I have for breakfast?


Hey Jo said...

I would have expected more thoughts about boobs...

AletaR said...

Like "Hey if I just throw a rock on each of those snow banks they'll look like boobs".

davidk said...

Yeah, you do.