Saturday, March 06, 2010

12 continuous hours of drinking can take it's toll. Two days is easy. Three means you may need therapy. Four? Well let's not talk about that.

Thursday had me a bit blotto. About the only thing I didn't drink was shots. Had a Guinness at the airport between flights followed by James River Amber once we landed in Greenville. Then it was Makers & Ginger with lunch followed by a lot more beer. The restaurants here all have some great beer menus. It doesn't hurt when you find a place with 72 beers on tap either.

Consumed a bottle of wine at dinner and then more beer later. An hour later it was pretty much official. I was a puddle.

Friday was close to the same. Lots of beer but little of the high octane. But there was a lot of Grey Goose shots in there. We had a venue change in there Then the lights came on and they kicked us out of the bar.

Didn't feel as bad on Friday. The pub crawl is in a couple hours. Time to shine again.

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