Monday, March 15, 2010


I woke up Sunday morning with the right side of my jaw hurting a bit. I laid in bed thinking about it. I don't recall getting into a fight or falling down the night before, so why was I feeling this discomfort? As the morning went on the mild pain persisted and began to move down my neck. By noon I noticed that the right side of my neck was slightly swollen. What the heck was going on here?

Having ruled out bar fight and drunken stumbling, I thought of what would be next. Was I having an allergic reaction to something I ate or drank the night before? I drank nothing but beer at the party so that didn't make sense. Could it have been the funky salsa? No, I didn't eat much of that. The garlic dip? Doubtful.

I then consulted my doctor, the internet. I am happy to say I am ruling out a goiter as it would have to be on most of my neck and not just a side. It would appear that I may have a swollen gland or something of that nature. I say something because I am not a doctor and only watch them on TV. It may be the result of the cold I had for a couple days last week. Per Dr. Internet, I will do nothing. The swelling seemed to have gone down a little bit overnight and it doesn't have the same pain factor as it did yesterday morning. It should go away within a couple of days. If not then I should see a physician. Until then I will walk around feeling like the Elephant Man and wearing turtleneck sweaters.

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AletaR said...

Probably a swollen gland. Drink some warm brandy & honey.