Saturday, March 13, 2010

You can blame me

When we get the 6 inches of snow in Milwaukee in the next week or two you can blame me. Go ahead, I will take responsibility for the snow. It will be my fault. Today I walked up to Murphy and gave him both barrels of the one finger salute while yelling "In your face!".

I pulled my car out of storage. I let the Mustang run around. I let her go crazy on the freeway. Gliding up to speed, hugging turns, flowing in and out of traffic. My horse was glad to be out of the barn.

Meaningless facts about my car.
  • 13 years- that is how long I have owned it
  • 114,787- the number of miles on the car
  • 5145- miles since my last oil change
  • 2- years that I drove it in the winter. Made it an easy decision to buy a winter truck
  • 7- miles on the the freeway loop I drove just for fun
  • Poison, Hollyweird- disc in the player
  • Get Ya Some- Track 5 was on. I quickly went back to their cover of the Who's Squeeze Box
  • 300- dollars that will be spent when I take it in to the garage on Monday for an oil change and general spring maintenance. Somehow it always comes to a total of around $300
I still love driving this car. It will be even better when the weather cooperates and I can drop the top. It may not be everyone's dream car but it still remains mine.

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