Thursday, March 11, 2010

Got (raw) milk?

The buzz in the news yesterday was all about milk. Raw milk. Milk straight from the cow's teet. Milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized or any other "ized".

Proponents want to be able to go directly to the farmer and buy raw milk because they claim it has great health benefits. Those opposed say that milk is inherently dangerous and can spread disease.

I say this is a bigger issue that raw milk. This is about people telling you how to run your life. It is people- usually the government- that think you are too stupid to live your life correctly. Correctly being as in how they want you to live their life. They think you are not bright enought to make an informed decision about consuming raw milk. That you cannot weigh the pros and cons and come to a decision that you are comfortable with.

I think these 5 paragraphs tell the story:
"It is not the role of the state to protect people by eliminating all risks
and intruding unnecessarily into their lives," testified Margo Redmond, a raw
milk consumer from Madison. "Please don't protect me from myself, telling me
what I can and cannot drink."
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and
Consumer Protection officials oppose allowing sales of raw milk to the general
public, saying it could lead to outbreaks of food-borne illnesses with deadly
"Our job is to protect public health. We believe the law, the
way it's written now, does that as best as possible," said Steve Ingham,
administrator of the agency's food safety division.
Since 2000, four
outbreaks of illness due to Campylobacter infection have been linked to
unpasteurized milk or unpasteurized dairy products. Those outbreaks sickened at
least 131 people, according to the Wisconsin Division of Public Health.
milk consumption also has been linked to sickness caused by Salmonella and E.
coli bacteria.

I would agree with Margo. It is not the role of the state to intrude into our lives. It makes me wonder if Mr. Ingham there would like for everyone to wrap themselves in bubble wrap on a daily basis to prevent any potential bruising. He does not seem to understand that people can assume responsibility for their own actions. Afterall, in the last 10 years, 131 people have gotten sick from raw milk. Just 131. Seems like an awful small number doesn't it?

With national healthcare things are likely to get even worse. There have been bans on goose liver and trans fats. They want to tax soda to prevent people from drinking it. That would work as well as taxing cigarrettes has. Some research institute has said there should be a tax of at least 18% on pizza because a za is unhealthy for you too. Those bastards!

Just let us live our lives. If people want a raw milk mustache then let them get one. It isn't like everyone will be forced to drink it. Its about choice and whether those in charge will realize that people should have the control, not government.

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