Monday, April 26, 2010

Another night, another weird dream

It was another dream night. Sadly I was too busy at work today to try and capture the craziness. Let's try to recollect my thoughts. I may have to edit this later.

This dream seemed like it was a bad movie. There were 3 parts to it. It wasn't necessarily me as the male character in the movie as some times I see the scene from what could be called a camera view and others I was the person. So I may jump back and forth when I reference the "male character".

The first part is the hardest to remember. The character had a run in with a woman that I would later learn led to something happening to her. We find that out when we run into a mother who has just gotten over grieving the loss of her daughter. I run the mother just after she is leaving a conference. She had just won an award for telling her story. The award was a medal and an iPhone. She was kinda confused what to do with the iPhone as she already owned one and was holding it in her other hand. I explained to her I knew her daughter and was sorry for what happened. I don't believe I was responsible for the death but possibly could have done something to help in the end.

In the second part, the mother is plotting revenge. For whatever reason she decided that infesting my house with frogs was a good idea. She would train one frog, give it to me as a gift and then let it procreate in my house causing a mess. Yes, I said train the frog. She is shown in a room talking to the frog and telling it to hop around from the bed to the dresser and all around the room. As she carries the frog, she is hopping around on top of the furniture, getting crazier as she goes. She then gives me the frog telling me not to worry about what happened. Funny, I don't recall the male character fretting over what happened.

In the last part, it appears the ladies diabolical plan has worked. I come home from work one day and find a mess on the kitchen floor. It isn't my house though. Some random home I guess. There is a mess of flies on the kitchen floor, some alive, some dead. They aren't flying around but just crawling on the floor. The next shot is a view from under a bed where there is a whole bunch of little frogs hopping around and moving into the main room. Not sure where the one frog found a mate but somehow it managed to give birth to little frogs bypassing that whole bothersome tadpole stage. As I walked through the kitchen into the bathroom to take a leak, I notice something growing on the bottom of the toilet bowl. The bowl itself is rather deep like about 3 feet deep. On the bottom is some kind of larva looking thing. It is gray and looks like a croissant. I go ahead and pee and flush the toilet. But the larvae stuff doesn't go away. It just stays there.

That's it. I woke up after that. I had to go pee. Was happy to see there was no larvae in my toilet. Sadly I could not get back to sleep and somehow get into the dream again.


AletaR said...

Sounds like you may have eaten something crazy before bed.

Drizztdj said...

Whatever beer you had before sleeping last night, I need the name of it.

I'll even drive to Hudson if neccessary.