Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I need a goose hunter

The wildlife at work can be amazing. Whether it be the deer or the wild turkeys, workers stop to gaze at the animals. People here love them.
But then there are the geese. No one likes the geese. They are loud, obnoxious and don’t go away. Plus they shit all over the place. The company used to have a dog that would chase them away but that was before the corporation took over. Now the geese have free reign.
There are two geese outside my windows on the ledge. They are pacing back and forth, giving me the evil eye at times. I believe they are eating old goose shit left behind by their friends. Between their honking and pecking at the window they are beginning to piss me off. The other day I was able to scare one away by throwing a rubber ball at the window. That is not working today. I have scanned my desk to find something else to throw at the window. Though the stapler in tempting, I will not go that far.

So after the strange dream on Sunday, the consensus is I must have ate or drank something weird before going to sleep. For breakfast I had Johnsonville Hot Sausage patties and eggs over easy. I went to the Brewers debacle and had 4 big beers. At the bar I had two bottles of beer along with 2 shots, Wild Turkey Honey and Seagrams Honey. Hey, it was a taste test. Seagrams was much smoother by the way though it was about 20 less proof. For dinner I had leftover pot roast, potatoes, and carrots.
Nothing weird there. Oh wait. I did have some Edy’s Drumstick ice cream while playing poker. So the theory would be the ice cream gave me the weird dream? I don’t buy it though I am willing to recreate each event. I did have more pot roast and veggies last night but no dreams. No ice cream. No shots. I guess a trip to the liquor store may be in order.

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