Thursday, April 01, 2010

Its a great day for hockey edit: or not

It was a return to the scene of the crime last night. With beautiful weather there was no way I was staying at home cooped up in my house. Especially when I could be cooped up in a bar. After a 3 month hiatus, two of the dominating members of the Bong Rec Area Rejects captured the big bar tab and the glory of knowing we are still much smarter than the other people in the pub.

I am quite excited for the Wisconsin Badgers’ hockey team today. The men take on RIT today at 4 for a chance to battle for the NCAA Championship. Unfortunately for me I will likely miss the first period. Whereas I thought I could sneak out of work and get to a bar in time, I now see I am in a meeting until 4. I now regret bringing up that topic last week. I will do my best to keep the pace of the meeting going.

I am hoping that RIT shot their load last week. Goalie was on fire last weekend which means he has had plenty of time to cool off.

Go get 'em Bucky!

Update: I screwed up! The game is next week. Guess I got too excited.

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