Friday, April 02, 2010

Farewell Boathouse

Every drunk needs a home bar. A place that feels just as comfortable as home,
sometimes even more so. The bar staff and regulars become just as much part of
your family as the real thing.

Just read the story by Al of the Boathouse closing its doors. Though it may not be his haunt of choice, it is hard to see a place where you had so many memories shut it down. His workds remind me of when PJ's Blue Chipper was sold. In my post back in 2005- holy shit has it been that long?- I had written:
I truly believe the following statement- Every man needs a bar they can call
their own. It is an important part of their life.

I guess drinkers all think alike.

I attended two Bashes at the Boathouse. It was a good place. Good bartenders, good beer selection. A fantastic deck. From the moment you walked into the place it felt comfortable. Hope the bartenders find a new home. Goodbye Boathouse.

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