Thursday, April 08, 2010

Let's try this again... It's a great day for hockey!

Fuck 'em Bucky!

It must be a great day for hockey. When I walked outside to go to work it was snowing. Not just a piddling bit of snow. I am talking big honking snowflakes being whipped down from the heavens above. It is a sign. A sign that it is a great day for hockey. Go Badgers!
After dismal play on Monday, the Brewers took the next 2 games to take the series from the Colorado Rockies. It is a nice start to the season. One thing though, this spotting the other team runs in the first inning has got to stop. They can't play from behind all year.
Am I the onlly one that noticed that the Brewers actually played 3 games in a row to start the season at home? Usually they play Opening Day and then have the next day off. I can't recall them getting 3 in before a day off. Not like they need a break.
It's over 8 1/2 hours until they drop the puck. I may have to check people into the walls to make the day go by faster.

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