Friday, April 09, 2010


The Wisconsin Badger dominated RIT yesterday in a manner I hadn't seen from this team in years. They scored early and often with first goal coming at 1:21 and a final tally of 8 total. I had said it twice over the last 2 weeks. I was hoping the time off would cool of a Tiger goalie that was a wall in the first weekend of the tournament. He went from a dam to a siever in those 2 weeks. And Badger fans love sieves.

Now it down to the final game. Wisconsin will face a tough Boston College unit. A rematch of 2006 they will say. I watched part of the BC/Yale two weeks ago. Though they gave up 7 goals that night, BC is a force. I was hoping the Badgers wouldn't have to face them. I figure they would match up better against Miami of Ohio.

It will be a good game come Saturday night. One game left. 60 minutes of hockey left in the season. This Badger team is the best in the country. They need to show it one more time. It is nice for them to win one for Wisconsin fans across the state and country but I hope the players go out and win it for themselves.

Saturday looks to be a sports immersion day. UFC 112 at noon. The Brewers are the national game at 3 and the Badger hockey game is at 6. It looks to be a fun filled weekend.

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