Monday, April 05, 2010

Opening Day 2010

It is Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers. A new season with a feeling of optimism will fill the parking lot before the game mixed in with the scent of grilling brats and spilt beer. Welcome to baseball in Milwaukee.

I have a feeling today may end up being a clusterfuck. Last night I was suppose to meet a friend to get our tickets and our invite to a tailgate party. But my friend didn't show. I left the bar after 2 hours. I know the schedule and story but the cost of our tickets may have just gone up because he wasn't there to speak with the bar owner about the arrangement he had. Plus with all the big plans the bar owner has for the tailgate party- which he is confident will somehow get shutdown- the day has the potential to blow up.

Man I love it!

It looks like the weather may cooperate as well. Mid 60s is the forecast. I am hoping the weather people have erred on the side of caution with their prediction. It would be great for it to hit 70 with no wind. An absolutely beautiful sunny day.

I watched a good chunk of the Yankees/Red Sox game at the bar last night. I thought I would go apeshit when I heard a drunk make what I still think is a stupid comment. In the game, Youkalis hit a triple to right field. The announcers pointed out how each pitch was on the outside corner of the plate and thus, he went with the pitch and intentionally hit the ball to right field. A drunk at the bar called bullshit, saying he just meant to hit the ball. Another drunk said that hitting to the opposite field is something only done in softball. I held my tongue. I so wanted to tell these two idiots that these guys are professionals. That they hit to the opposite field when the opportunity presents itself. That they taught to do so in spring training. Instead I left these two goofballs feeling good about themselves. I now wish I have peed in their cornflakes.

The other big news yesterday was the bEagles trading McNabb to the Deadskins. Wow! I guess Philly was not only done with him but figured he isn't a player to be concerned with. To deal him to a team within their own division is somewhat insulting. Not only do they think McNabb is not good enough to win for them, they are confident they can beat him twice this year. McNabb has always seemed to be one of the few good guys in the league. He has given quite a bit back to the community and has been the face of the team. To be dealt to a low quality team like Washington has got to hurt a bit.

My liver says the bar is open and time to go. Let's Go Brewers!

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Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

When it's opening means summer is here! Watching games on the deck with a fire. So excited!