Monday, April 12, 2010

Proxy for the bad weekend

I for one am glad it is Monday. For only a day at work can help rid the bad sports weekend taste out of your mouth. I consider this to have been one very dreadful sports weekend here in Milwaukee. It started on Friday night with the Brewers losing a game they had pretty much wrapped up. They followed that performance up with getting beat up on Saturday and then trying to give the Cards another game on Sunday night. Once again it may be that Milwaukee though they had a solid closer, albeit one long in the tooth, that wasn't going to lose his game. Its way too early in the season to get your undies bunched up. With 156 games left to go they will play better.

On Saturday I watched UFC 112. It started out pretty good but went downhill. The main event was a disaster. The scoring in the Penn/Edgar fight was questionable and I don't know if I want to see Matt Hughes beat up another Gracie or not.

Worst of all was the Wisconsin Badger hockey team. They simply were outplayed on Saturday night. Boston College wanted it more and really took it to them. It would be nice to be basking in the glow of another NCAA championship but I guess that is going to have to wait.

Time to put that all behind and focus on the future. I believe my boss is out of the office today which is always a good thing. I have been getting a chuckle from reading the Phillip Morris proxy statement. The shareholder proposals always make me chuckle. This year some nuns in Philadelphia are blaming the company for selling tasty menthol cigarettes to poor people. Apparently the nuns are upset that these people of low income households are spending money for cigarettes instead of feeding their kids.

Let that sink in. People are buying cigarettes instead of feeding their children. How is that the company's fault? If some lowlife does not have the decency to feed a child instead of their own selfish habit then you need to do something about the individual. It is not the responsibility of a corporation to make sure every poor household in America is living up to a church's wishes.

The other proposal- sadly there are only two this year- is about human rights for tobacco workers in other countries. I think they are complaining that these workers aren't unionized and that the contracted firm should be forced to do something about it. The issue is Green Tobacco Sickness. People touching tobacco in the field can absorb the nicotine through the skin. Interesting. I did not think that was possible. They do not really offer a solution but I have one. How about they put on gloves? If they are not touching the tobacco and making skin contact, they cannot get this GTS. Problem solved.

What else can I solve today?

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