Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bad ziti, bad!

I feel like I failed lunch today. When I took a look at the menu and saw Baked Ziti, I immediately thought salad or sandwich. But then as I went down to get lunch I saw what looked like slices of pepperoni on the ziti. Is that sausage jutting out from the side? Another glance had me thinking this ziti looked meaty. Before I knew it the carnivore side of my brain had my feet moving to the pasta.

The carnivore in me needs to get its ass kicked. As I walked away I felt deceived and despondent. The pepperoni was actually sliced carrots. Carrots!!! It was then that I realized it is a vegetarian dish. I am so stupid. Worse yet, I ate most of it hating both the dish and myself. It just didn't taste good to me but I was hungry.

At least the side salad they provided was good. The ginger ad brown rice soup with chicken looked good but like the ziti, looks were deceiving. It was rather bland. So much that I devoured the bag of Sun Chips I had.

Now I have a mostly full stomach but feel like I should eat something because I had a miserable lunch. That is not good.

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